Cherry Flooring

Are you considering cherry flooring for your home? We offer a number of options in both American cherry and Brazilian cherry (or Jatoba) flooring to enhance the beauty and value of your home or property.


American cherry flooring

American cherry wood flooring is characterized by its rich reddish-brown color, sleek texture, and circular grain patterns. With a Janka hardness rating of 950, American cherry wood is softer than other wood species. However, its natural warmth and unusual graining make it a consistently popular choice with homeowners and decorators. Wider planks of 5 inches and wider tend to better showcase the beauty of American cherry. The smooth texture stains well, and a medium or dark stain is often applied to highlight the autumnal hues and to achieve an even, toned finish. The colors of American cherry flooring tend to darken and deepen over time.


Brazilian cherry flooring/Jatoba

Brazilian cherry is a popular exotic wood species which ranges in color from salmon pink to vibrant red, with orange-yellow highlights and darker accent stripes. Over time, the highlights of Brazilian cherry fade, and the colors become richer and more uniform.


Brazilian cherry looks similar to mahogany, and like mahogany, it is an extremely hard wood, rating 2820 on the Janka hardness scale. This superior durability makes Brazilian cherry an ideal choice for active households and areas with heavy foot traffic.


Brazilian cherry wood comes from the Jatoba tree, which grows in the rain forests of South America, Central American, and the Caribbean. At A & N Flooring, we support sustainable forest management and sustainable Brazilian cherry flooring products.

Both American cherry and Brazilian cherry flooring comes in both solid wood and engineered wood varieties. The engineered products are designed to fortify and stabilize your floor, so it is less affected by the temperature and humidity changes which can cause shrinking and expanding. Engineered flooring is also an option for basements, as it can be installed below ground level.

To discuss your needs for American cherry or Brazilian cherry flooring, please contact us for a free consultation today.